About Us

Wrigley & Clark’s Pet Waste Removal

My name is Justin Reed and I also have been the owner and operator of Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing since 2011 servicing Cincinnati and Northern KY.   I take pride in the quality and service I offer my customers and will work with you to customize a schedule that best fits your needs.

Having two dogs myself I understand what it’s like to pick up after them, especially when it hasn’t been done in a couple weeks. Not only does it cut down on playing with your dog in the yard, but it also makes it messy for other people entering your yard.

You and your dog  deserves the freedom and joy of a yard to run and play in without the hassle of stepping in all those doggie “landmines” and then tracking it back into the house.  Dogs have bacteria in their stomach that can contaminate your yard every time your dog poops. When it rains, pet waste can contaminate streams and lakes via storm drains, so regular clean up keeps your yard safe and sanitary along with your community.

We provide service to residential, commercial, vet offices, apartment complexes, home owner associations, parks, pet shows, dog parks, and more.